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Jay has done Tae Kwon Do for almost 7 years, our sad regret is he didn't attend Saltire for this duration of time.  Only the past year Jay has been training with Saltire and has learnt more in 1 year than that of 6 years at predecessors.  Thank you team Miss Cameron, Saltire is simply first class, building kids confidence.

Arlene Barclay

Kingswells, Aberdeen

My son joined Saltire over 3 years ago. He love his classes, so my 2 daughters decided to join too. They all go 2X a week and love it. Their confidence has grown so much.

Marie-Josette Chetty


My daughter started Taekwando with the club 5 years ago, she loves the classes and would go everyday if she could. Taekwando has built her confidence and keeps her extremely fit. The club instructors are first class.

Carol Gordon


TAva(5) always looks forward to her TKD classes. Great instructors and a good mix of fun and learning. Would highly recommend Saltire 💪🤛🥋

Mark Downie


My son has attended Saltire for almost 3 years now. He has a great time, learns lots of new things and focuses really well which is something he had had trouble with in the past. If it weren't for the coaches and great group of kids he'd be at home playing computer games!

Selina Neri


My son has trained at Saltire for a number of years.  He has the opportunity to attend competitions and seminars which he enjoys the challenge using the skills learned at Saltire.  The instructors at the club are excellent and provide support and encouragement when required.

Emma Douglas


Both my boys have gone to this club for the past 5 years. They both love it. My eldest has just started helping out with the coaching team and it has done wonders for his confidence. We look forward to many more years of fun with the Saltire family.

Marie MacDonald


Both my son and daughter have been training with Saltire twice a weeksince they were 4 (7 years for my son and 6 for my daughter) they have met some fantastic people and enjoy going to class. Miss Cameron, Sarah and the rest of the instructors are fantastic with the kids and teach them in a fun way. Just like one big family i would definately recommend Saltire.

Dawn Darcy


My son has been doing TKD for 10 years now. I love this club it has taught him patience, perseverence, getting along as part of a team and for me personally i find it helps me keep him off the streets and on the straight and narrow.

Miss Cameron and all the instructors are very good at what they do and want the best for the kids.

i love watching my son at competitions it's almost like an extended family when you see them all supporting each other. Would recommend thios to anyone adults and children alike who want to learn new skills and have a hobby.

Sarah Yeung


My son has been attending classes for over 12 years now since he was 4 years old. It's helped him develop so many new skills and gave him something to focus on. He loves travelling with the team and has won many medals thanks to the excellent coaching.

Corinne Peat

Kingswells, Aberdeen

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