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Consecutive & Combination Attacks

Double Attack (I-Jung Gong Gyok)

If the same type of attack is delivered twice in succession in the same direction by the same attacking tool, it is called a "double attack" and is classified as follows:

A. Double Punch

B. Double Strike

C. Double Thrust

Each one of these can be executed against one or two opponents, horizontally or vertically, to the front or to the side.


Triple Attack (Samjoong Gong Gyok)

Follows the same principles as for double attack.


Combination Attack (Honap Gong Gyok)

When both hands/feet are used to deliver two or more attacks in succession, the sequence of moves is called a "combination attack". Again, combination attacks can be punches, strikes, thrusts or kicks.

This terminology is applicable only while the body is in the air.


Consecutive Attack (Yonsok Gong Gyok)

This, as the term applies, means the technique of using two or more kicks with the same foot against a single or several opponents in succession and can be executed either after offensive or defensive kick.

The secret to be borne in mind is that a good balance must be maintained at all times with the stationary foot so that the kicking foot can execute a continuous kick without lowering it to the ground or floor. This technique can be executed with any combination of kicks, for example, front snap kick with side rising kick, reverse hooking kick with side piercing kick or crescent kick with twisting kick and so on. This is classified into double kick, triple kick and so on.

The same principles are applied when using the hands as attacking tools.

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